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Pair 7 ft English Regency Open Sheraton Bookcases Satinwood
Pair 7 ft English Regency Open Sheraton Bookcases Satinwood

– Stunning pair of English Regency style bookcases in gorgeous satinwood
– We normally have similar bookcases in mahogany so it was a joy to find these in satinwood – perfect for modern interiors
– Bookcases feature intricate marquetry inlay in the shape of Sheraton classical motifs
– Each bookcase has adjustable shelves so you can display books and decorative objects
– These are solid and sturdy – wobble free and built to last
– Both offerd in great shape – ready for home use right away
– Classical pediment top like a Greek temple
– Viewings possible in our Hertfordshire warehouse please contact
– Will ship to anywhere in the world

Pair English Sheraton Mahogany Openfront Bookcases
Pair English Sheraton Mahogany Openfront Bookcases


You are looking at a pair of English Sheraton style openfront bookcases hand crafted from the finest mahogany. This lovely pair are the perfect mix of decorative beauty and practical functionality to make for a vintage design classic. They look great in any room and they are able to store lots of items. I have a similar pair in my study and they are just a superb practical piece as well as being aesthetically very pleasing.

Ostensibly they are bookcases but of course you can use them to hold other items, they look particuarly good with decorative items – statues, vases etc – in them. However, for myself, being the bookish type my pair are crammed with nothing but lovely, fading works of literature in them.

The shelves are adjustable to suit meaty tomes or smaller paperbacks. The shelves work on a slat system so you can adjust them to whatever height you like for whatever you like, from’War and Peace’ to the ‘World’s Smallest Book of Poetry’ these bookcases are perfect.

The open fronts are Sheraton style, main body is mahogany polished to a high sheen with solid shelves The inlay is made from various fruitwoods – satinwood, rosewood, applewood – to create a beautiful affect. The fruitwoods are softer hence there use as inlay within the harder mahogany. The level of the craftmanship on these is absolutely superb, both strucurally in that they are very solid, and also with the intricacy of the inlay.

The close up pictures of the inlay work hopefully illustrates the level of craftmanship with patterns of scrolling branches, urns and flower motifs. They would be the highlight of any room and due to their solid construction will last for many generations hence making them a great investment.

They are in perfect conditon structurally and they have just come back from the restorers where they were repolished so they are ready for home use straight away.


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