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Jupes dining tables Canonbury Antiques
(Above: photo sequence shows how the table is reduced in size by taking away leaves)

At Canonbury Antiques we carry a range of Jupes dining tables and they are fab. Jupes tables are really unique in that they are round dining tables which expand outwards via a leaf system. who would have thought it? A table leaf is an extra section of a table that can be added  (or subtracted) to make the table bigger (or smaller). Therefore you can make the table different sizes to accommodate different amounts of people, from a small intimate dinner to a larger dinner party with 8 or more people.

Please enjoy our video guide from our YouTube Channel to how this Jupes table works and expands:

Jupes dining tables are pretty unusual as they are round tables which expand. The extra concentric leaves are added to the outside of the table and supported by the pull out slats. Adding all of the leaves can add another 2-3 foot on the circumference of the table and hence could make the table sit 4-6 more people. Some of our models of Jupes tables actually come with a storage box so you can safetly store the extra leaves.

These tables really are very practical and useful, particularly if you regularly entertain dinner parties. It’s common for our more typical oblong dining tables in Victorian and Regency styles to expand via a leaf system, but the Jupes dining tables really are an ingenious design and are an absolute design classic. Of course are Jupes dining tables come in walnut and mahogany and we can mix and match sets of chairs if you are looking for a complete table and chair set up.

We have a whole range of other gorgeous dining chairs that would look fab around these tables, including Chippendale chairs, Windsor, antique, George II, Victorian, Queen Anne dining chairs, Regency chairs, to name but a few. Come into the Canonbury Hertfordshire antiques showroom to try these table and chair combinations out for yourself, nothing beats trying these pieces of furniture out yourself for size and comfort as a replication of how they work in your home.

Walnut Regency Jupe Table Extending Round Dining Tables
We specialise in classic English antique dining furniture and including Victorian, Regency, mahogany and walnut dining sets. Our showroom is well located just 25 minutes north of London in the Herts countryside right near the A1 meets the M25. Please let us know if you have any questions and we hope you can come and try one of these Jupes dining tables out for yourself.

If you’d like to read a guide on how the classic antique dining tables leaf system works, please click here

Regency Jupes Table Round Expanding Dining Tables Jupe Furniture

Here’s another video guide to how the leaf system works on square and oblong dining tables: