American Presidents Desk

Presidents Desk

The American Presidents desk – an exact replica as the one in the Oval Office of the White House. Same model and size that Obama and Bush sat at and Clinton did other things behind (nudge nudge wink wink…). Also referred to as the Resolute desk (please see below).

American Presidents Desk
The large Presidents Resolute desk is hand carved from the finest wood  mahogany. I hope the photos do this stunning piece of furniture some justice, it’s certainly better in real life.
Resolute Desk – Great partners desk

Plaque on the back of the desk

This piece is a model of a desk that was given to the President of the United States by the Queen Victoria of England back in 1855 – please see the plaque that is located at the back of the desk and you can get a scale of the history of the piece. You can blow the picture up and read the interesting inscription. The original gift of the Presidents Desk was made from wood of the sunked HMS Resolute, which is why the desk is also commonly referred to as the Resolute Desk. The HMS Resolute (1850) was a ship used by the British Royal Navy mainly for Arctic exploration. On one expedition the ship got trapped in ice and was abandoned. The timbers from this ship were later recovered and used in the original construction of the desk. What a great story.

HMS Resolute
( HMS Resolute – original desk made from timber from this Royal Navy ship)

The desk is beautiful – you can see how intricate the hand carved details are including the large eagle with the shield, snake, leaves and arrows to the back panel in the knee hole. The back panel opens out. Then there are the host of other intricate designs weaved into the desk, including rosettes, leaves, flowers, scrolls, swags and other emblems. Come and visit the desk in our Hertfordshire antiques showroom
Mahogany Partners Desk

Mahogany partners desk
This is a true partners desk as both sides feature an open out cubby hole with lock and various drawers so two people can sit opposite each other. The table top is very large and covered in tooled leather with gilded circumference. This would make a great piece for your office, home or otherwise, and is a great conversation piece as well as of course looking totally the part.

back shot of Restolute desk
Secret Compartment?

You can see from the photos that the desk has a secret document drawer – this slides out horizontally. Exactly as it does on the original Resolute Desk. Where is the secret compartment? It’s a secret, we’re not telling you! (Note – not every desk has a secret compartment). The desk is offered in very good condition ready for home use right away and we will ship to anywhere in the world. We bought this from a dealer in Bolton after it had been bought from a local business where it had stood for many years.
Canonbury Hertfordshire Antiques Viewing?

Obama at his Presidents Desk
Come and view this American Presidents desk in our Herfordshire antiques showroom. We are well located just 25 minutes north of London. We have a whole range of other desks on display if this doesn’t suffice, including partners desks, French desks, Victorian and Regency desks. Other specialities include classic English dining furniture, French antiques, bronze, architectural antiques and interiors.

Here’s a great video of the Presidents Desk from the Canonbury Antiques YouTube channel:

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